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Thank You
Thank You

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Los Angeles and Orange County Modern Vintage Wedding Photography

I could have NEVER done any of this without the amazing people in my life whom I'm blessed to call friends and family. Your encouragement, positive affirmations, unwavering support, and just your existence helped make my dream a reality.

Thank you to my friends who trusted me enough to become my clients and clients who liked me enough to become my friends. My life is richer.

Thank you to the other photographers I've befriended along the way. You inspire me and challenge me to be better and more importantly you teach me. In return I hope you accept my respect and admiration for you.

And thank you to my blog readers, Facebook and Twitter friends. Many of you I've never met but that doesn't mean your support is worth any less. I am grateful for your kind messages, emails, and dialogue. You give me hope.

Special thanks to:

Maye & her husband Kelly, Ellen, and Eliza - Words can't express how much I adore you. I've never really known my life without you and I never want to. You guys are the pillar I lean on.

Oogi - Thank you for showing me the basics when I got my first dSLR and for your help. P.S. Nikon ftw. ;)

My favorite person in the world (next to Bruno...jk...kinda) - The best thing mom & dad ever did was give me you as my younger brother. You're my better half...now go get me a drink. ;)

My parents for always supporting and encouraging my art - whether it's drawing, painting, or photography. Mom & Dad, just knowing you read my blog makes me very happy. I love you very much.

xo Nina